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Nothing accelerates a great idea, product or business the way effective design does. We weave compelling content, beautiful typography, elegant interacticity, top shelf photography and innovative illustration into memorable visual design that commands attention because of its substance not because of visual gymnastics or trickery. We're all pretty tired of Photoshop filters, web gimmicks like intrusive popups and shock messages. That's for amateurs.

Our designers are brand strategists, illustrators and businesspeople. Our writers are word champions capable of coaxing, caressing and convincing. Add to that account reps who are genuine sales experts and you have a team of problem solvers.

Everything we do is rooted in the idea that organizations must create difference to be successful in a competitive market. You work directly with a project strategist and designer — from concept development through final design and implementation. Our process is honest. That means we work with you to confront clichés, to bend barriers and to see dramatic potential for your future branding, marketing and communications.

Skill, Experience and Real-World Credentials
Our team combines more than 25 years of graphic design, branding and communications experience, 30 years of proven sales expertise and a mindset that passion fuels success in everything. David Price, our creative director, is an expert in corporate identity, and strategic design for business. He has recently compiled his philosophy (showcasing more than 50 logos) in a book: Delight, Inform, Identify. Every project at Modern is guided by a veteran sales expert who will bring you keen insights into the dynamics and obstacles of selling ideas, products and services.

With firm foundations in art, technology and marketing, we regularly lead project teams of writers, illustrators, photographers, web developers and manufacturers. We believe for design to be valuable, it must have lasting appeal. This cannot be achieved with clipart, amateur photography and cliché messages.  Good design is durable, which makes it a worthy investment for businesses and organizations. In short, good design (and meaningful communication) removes barriers, eliminates doubts and cements credibility. It has become a prerequisite for business or organizational success.

Our online portfolio provides a comprehensive picture of our experience. We design branding programs, corporate identities, brochures, websites, sales literature, advertising campaigns, packaging, event promotions, signage and a variety of specialty communications including environmental initiatives and corporate citizenship to name a few.

Versatility and Value
We build project teams around our core staff based on specific needs. If you require a new business identity or a capabilities brochure, you shouldn't be financing a team of web programmers, and vice versa. You get exactly the people you need — and our fees are exclusively based on those labor tasks.

We practice what we preach. Have you ever asked a design firm for their brochure? Odds are they don't have one. Why then should you be convinced they know how to make one for you? You shouldn't.

Designers must do as they say. They will talk forever about creating an integrated marketing message across all media outlets (print, web, tv, ads, direct mail, etc.), but do they do this themselves? Most don't. Imagine hiring a builder to build a custom home who lived in a prefabricated shed? You'd probably think twice.

 The last thing you want to think twice about is the company helping you create your future.

We help clients express their passion for what they do — no matter what your budget. One catch though: We expect our clients to be active participants. After all we're telling your story, selling your products and crafting arguments on your behalf. In short, there's a lot of "you" in everything we do. Your participation ensures that when your customers experience your brochures, website, mailers or products they hear your voice, not ours. Don't let this make you nervous. It's an exciting process that will pay dividends for a long time.

Find inspiration where you least expect it. Don't look for a "Banking & Finance" category, you won't find one here (even though we work in that arena on a regular basis). Our portfolio rewards the curious, and skewers those who want a sappy cliché. If you do find a cliché on our site, we promise will have been flipped, spanked and twisted in a way nobody's ever seen before. So, we urge you to dive in. Click Naming and Branding, even if you are looking to hire us for a website. Inspiration lies around every corner.

People are Fascinating!
We meet people every week who love their business and live their organization. These are the people we want to work for — people who want to bring what they do to life. That's what energizes us. Design and marketing gains its most power when the people we work for are passionate about what they do. Sometimes that passion is literally oozing from our client. Other times, we find ourselves helping the client rediscover their passion. What we do has the ability to refocus and spur an enterprise down a positive path. If you just want pretty pictures, go someplace else. What we do has purpose and so do the people we work for.

Because we care so much about what we do, we often get called to help with a crisis. Sometimes that crisis is loss of market share from new competition. Sometimes that crisis is simply the need to capitalize on word of mouth by creating a system for closing referrals. Other times, reputation might be at risk requiring a nimble, carefully managed response.

In short, we help you express your best self. We solve business problems with visual communications. If your organization truly cares about what it does or makes, then strategic design and marketing can only strengthen your enterprise. Talk to us. A conversation is always a great place to start.

Build a better brand. Build a better business
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