Your Logo: Your Most Concise Statement of Quality

A great identity is a prerequisite for business success. Effective communication starts with effective identification. Messages have more impact when you know who's sending them. For business, this identification is your logo.

Passion. Originality. Reputation.

Every business has a vision. Every business has a purpose. No matter what you do, if you get up each day with the objective to make your business better, you deserve quality communication materials that express who you are, what you do and why you do it. It's about revealing the passion behind your organization and it's as much about what you do as it is about what you make possible through your products, services or mission.

Imagine all of your marketing reinforcing your brand. And even if you are setting up shop in the garage, once you start a business of your own, you are starting a brand. Whether you want to or not. And a brand is more than some symbol. Imagine everything you say contributing to a single message. Imagine your employees living and breathing this message. Your business wasn't started by copying your neighbor's great idea. It was created on instinct. It was created through hard work, focused thinking and a drive to be successful. But does your marketing reflect this? Does it express your passion for your organization, its people and its products?. Is it obvious how quality-minded, dedicated and personal you take your work?

Is your versatility clear? Does your business card make a firm statement about quality? These are just some of the questions we ask when initiating a new client relationship.

Fulfilling the Promise.

When something appears to be designed well, there is an inherent promise of quality. It is this silent promise that makes design such a powerful business tool. Companies who back up this promise with quality products and services stand out. With time, their reputations get attached to the logos that represent them. In effect, their logos become signposts of quality, integrity and merit.

Cutting through the Clutter. Simplicity.

If you think you suffer from information overload now, get ready. Because the floodgates have just opened. Against this tidal wave of graphic-noise, thousands of logos compete for our attention. Most fail. Many are frivolous. And far too many are copycats. Most don't? deserve a first glance, never mind a second. Those that stop us are special in some way. And more often than not, that trademark characteristic is simplicity. But simplicity doesn't? mean boring. It doesn't? mean compromise. Symbols that work (the ones with lasting appeal) are so coherent in design, that removal of any part destroys the whole. No frills.

Ultimately, the recognition value of any logo is limited by how we see. Though our eyes can scan a wide area, the part of the field of vision that? actually in focus is surprisingly smallúroughly the area of a large coin held at arm? length. The experience of seeing everything in focus at all times is really an illusion created by the mobility of the eye which rotates to a new position 5 times a second.. Knowing this, it? clear that meaningful logos reduced to their essence are not just a good idea. They?e good business.

Build a better brand. Build a better business
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